Monday, 15 November 2010


The book, Mould Map, that I (Leon) co-edited and did work for, alongside Famicon Family Jon Chandler, Kitty Clark, Massimiliano Bomba, with other close and extended family cousins are in.
We're launching it into the sky this Thursday the 18th in London.

These incredible paintings were made especially for us by incredible Portland OR artist Jason Traeger from Oregon Painting Society.

The artists are:
Jonathan Chandler, Massimiliano Bomba, Daniel Brereton, Matthew Thurber, C.F., Brenna Murphy, Colin Henderson, Matthew Lock, Jason Traeger, Drew Beckmeyer, St├ęphane Prigent, Kitty Clark, Lando, Aidan Koch & Leon Sadler.

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This summer we're producing a new John Chandler comic called 'Mushroom Planet'

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WE WILL HAVE NEW BOOKS AT PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED AT THIS ON SUNDAY IN LONDON!/pages/Pick-Me-Up-contemporary-graphic-art-fair/317874772443

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